about us

As a company specializing in providing multi-fuel boilers, steam services, and various types of fuels, we always strive to deliver high-quality products and the best services to our customers.

Apllication area

1. Multi-fuel boilers.

We provide customized multi-fuel boilers based on our customers’ needs. They are entirely environmentally friendly, as the emissions produced during combustion are treated to meet national standards (QCVN 02:2012/BTNMT) for emissions released into the environment.

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2. Industrial steam services.

We invest, construct, and install the entire boiler system at the customer’s factory, and then operate it, supplying steam according to the customer’s needs. Customers only need to pay for the steam they use based on the meter reading on the boiler.

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3. Combustion fuel.

We specialize in supplying environmentally-friendly combustion fuels such as compressed pellets made from industrial and household waste, tree bark, wood pellets, rice husk pellets, and cashew nuts. These fuels offer the advantage of high calorific value and produce low levels of natural carbonic gas when burned, contributing to environmental protection. These fuels are used for boilers, cement kilns, brick kilns, and can replace traditional combustion fuels.

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